Sunday, 15 June 2008

Toyota internship project

I will try to find free time for sketching, but now there is my Toyota internship project, that was made a year ago. A minivan of 2015.


Radek said...

Good Car model. Looks impressive and futuristic. Have you done detailing of interiors as well? Post some more sketches.

Andrey Gusev said...

Thanks! This project was mostly about exterior. Interior sketches were made to express general feeling of my idea direction.

CARbofos said...

quite dynamic shapes, very nice approach to create a minivan, fresh and expressive. I'm sure japanese were impressed :-) I would just cook it a bit more ;-)
Good luck 'tovarish'

Andrey Gusev said...

Well, yeah... I would also change it now, but it's in the past already. New better things are cooking now )
Good luck to you too! You need it maybe more than me now! FORZZA!!!

Sergey Konkov said...

да, классный проект.