Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Escaper. Local Motors Competition.

Here is my entry for the LM competition. Fast ideation and rough visualisation has taken 2 days.

Escaper is a compact off-road vehicle aimed to experience wild nature of Pacific NorthWest offering comfortable ride for 4 passengers. The design is inspired by a muscled body of a sportsman expressing athletic body, muscle sholders and dynamic shape. Powered by biodiesel the overall image reflects environment frendly feel. The body is made of solid aluminium frame and recycleble plastic protection parts, which color may vary depending on customers preferences and mood. The original shape of a frame offers perfect visibility for all passengers proposing splendid observation of outside scenery, especially for rear passengers in any weather conditions. Windows are made of transparent plastic and may be removed and stored at the rear trunk allowing the travellers enjoy open air drive breathing fresh air. Escaper brings freedom and fun for his owner in dynamic healthy lifestyle.

The voting has started. You can see it here:

Let's wait for the result.