Sunday, 15 June 2008

Finally it happened!

Hi, everybody!

In spite of being very busy, I open my blog finaly. I will try to post new sketches and some interesting extracs of my japanese life. Feel free to leave your comments!

Welcome to my blog!



Bong-o-zzila said...

Damn cool Andrei! So this is what kicked the other Japanese designers' asses eh?!? Good stuff!

(Not sure if it'll show my correct name on the comment .. this is Roy)

Andrey Gusev said...

Hey, Roy!

I`m very happy to meet you here! Thanks for comment! Yeah, this was the first step in Toyota design carriere.
New stuff is comming soon. Stay in touch!


Bong-o-zzila said...

Glad to be the first one to comment!

Gopal said...

really cool stuff dude......this is the most photoshoppy work i've seen come out of you.....still...really good....i can actually see the windows now.....hehehe

Anonymous said...

very nice!! your desings are great! congrats! :D