Saturday, 30 August 2008

Fuji san. Part 2.

I continue my post about climbing mountain Fuji.

About 3000 m. Very cold, very dark, but I have a magical flash light, that makes all girls follow me.

The sun is comming. Now we are separate. We have to hurry up to reach the top for sunrise.

Me and the Sunrise!

The sunrise on the top. Amazing! Beautiful scene and happiness!

Huge sleaping crater

We have managed to survive, but not this guy...

The sun is closer than ever. It also burnes, but I didn't have time to think about such unimportant things. Big mistake...
Happy Flo and Mili

Thousands of people still continue their endless climbing.

It doesn't happen every day, that I climb montains, I'm calling home to share my happiness, but totaly forgot that it was 2 a.m in Moscow.
It is impossible to describe feelings that come to you there...
All together at 3776 m over the sea level.
Me and Flo. We've done this!

The time to come back. The path is sandy and quite vertical.

It was impossible to walk, we have been running downhill making sandy clouds. The sand has got inside shoes. Not the best feeling I have ever got in my life.

We are down waiting for bus. Very dirty and totaly exhausted. But the execution is finished. It makes us happy.
My face is burned.

Traffic jam in the clouds. We have to drive 300 km back to Nagoya.

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чёрт, вот это красота же)

эт. ну эт Ульян)